Door Stops

Keep your door open in style with a decorative doorstop

Add some personality to your home with a decorative doorstop. Great for keeping doors wide open or firmly closed, doorstops are both fashionable and functional in equal measure. Find everything from animal door wedges in the shape of a dog or owl through to draught wind excluders and much more. Eye-catching and fun, door stoppers come in designs of all kinds and look great in any home, adding elegance to your living space whilst also being a useful doorstop.

Crafted from decorative fabrics, heritage flannel, rope or plastic, doorstops come in a variety of styles and can be as contemporary, novelty or antique as you want them to be.

A doorstop can be fitted to a wall to prevent a door banging into the wall its attached to. They can be manufactured from a raft of different materials, including fabric, iron, rubber, stainless steel, chrome, and polished brass, to name just a few.

All the doorstops come in a whole gamut of materials and finishes, ready to match your interior. Discover items that can be screwed into the floor, skirting mounted and floor mounted.

Doorstop styles

On eBay, youll discover a collection of doorstops in the quantities youll need, such as animal doorstops, adorable dog doorstops, rubber door wedges, chrome doorstops, and square magnetic door stops, giving you more than enough choices to pair with your home.

Whether youre after a wedge doorstop to keep a door open or a mountable dog door stop to prevent wall damage, youll no doubt discover the perfect one, right here. Choose a stylish chrome doorstop to complement a modern home, or go with a cast iron dog doorstop to fit in with a more traditional style. For something more functional, go for a draft stopper to keep your home warm in the colder winter months.