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Create your next masterpiece with professional drawing and lettering supplies

Every artist needs the right tools of the trade to let their creativity shine. Whether you’re learning from scratch, brushing up on your skills, or taking your work to a professional standard, you simply must have access to high-quality materials if you want to reach your full artistic potential. 

Do you specialise in landscapes, still life, portraits, surrealism or any other artform? Whatever your style, investing in the appropriate art supplies is always the best plan. At eBay you can get your hands on all the drawing and lettering supplies you could possibly need from leading suppliers like Prismacolor, Derwent, Faber-Castell, Copic, Staedtler, Pentel, Sakura, Manuscript, Crayola, Rembrandt and more. 

Prepare to draw something each day with new artists’ paper and sketch pads in A3, A4 or A5 size with at least 100 pieces of premium paper up to 250gsm. Bring those pages to life with artists’ pens and markers, pencils and charcoal, pastels and calligraphy inks. The most common types of artists’ pens and markers you might be looking for include brush markers, sketch pens, 3D printing pens, fabric pens, acrylic paint markers, technical pens, twin tip markers, water-based markers permanent markers, glass pens and fountain pens. Ultimately you’re the expert and the choice is yours!

It might also be worth considering additional art supplies such as drawing boards and tables, drawing fixatives like artist garnish gloss spray, and other drawing accessories like art projectors and light boxes, artists’ mannequins, blending stumps and tortillions (cylindrical drawing tools tapered at the end), and drawing supplies storage containers to keep all of your amazing equipment safe.

Ready to draw, draw and draw some more? Check out eBay now for all the art supplies you need.