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Drinking Water Hose

Drinking Water Hose Caravan Parts Accessories

When you go camping, its nice to have the convenience of running water. However, you must be assured that the water flows through a drinking hose which is safe to use. You can find a variety of caravan water hose models to compare and find the best fit for your needs. These models are different from traditional garden hoses because of the need to provide clean water.

Length of Hose for Caravan

One of the first considerations with a caravan drinking hose is the length. It should be long enough to reach the water source, but not too long to become entangled or difficult to roll up. Common sizes include 10 and 20 metre hoses. You can also find hoses 12, 15 and 18 metre in length allowing you to choose the perfect option for your camping spot.

Retractable Water Hose Caravan

Many of these water hoses feature a retractable hose and are manual where you must roll up the hose by hand. There are also automatic hoses where pushing a button will roll up the hose for you. A retractable hose caravan will organising the hose easy.

Material for Water Hose

When considering a drinking water hose caravan, you want one made of safe materials for drinking. It should come with a non-toxic food grade liner to protect the water flowing through from picking up hazardous chemicals. The hose may be made from food-grade PVC. In addition to being safe, the right material will prevent unpleasant odours and taste in your water.

Other Features for Water Hose

Some of these drinking water hoses may include a high flow to fill up your water containers faster. They often include brass fittings and may have a lay-flat design, which helps prevent kinks and curves from causing issues with water flow. The hoses may come in various colours, including blue and white.

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