Give your creation an extra pop with edible glitter & sprinkles from eBay! 

Baking something for a special occasion? Why not stand out from the crowd and decorate your masterpiece with edible glitter and sprinkles? Not only is decorating fun, but it gives a little extra touch to any cake, cupcake, slice, brownie – you name it! 

When deciding to decorate your freshly baked goods, it first makes sense to choose any icing and fondant that will provide a base to go with your edible glitter and sprinkle decorations. Once iced, the decorating can begin.    

Edible glitter gives a subtle, light dusting to the top of cakes and other baked goodies while adding a yummy sugary sweetness to your creation. Edible sprinkles, on the other hand, come in all shapes, colours and sizes, giving you the freedom to design something unique.  

Shopping by colour is great if you’re keen on sticking to a particular theme in your decoration. Try experimenting with colours such as tickled pink, bubble mint, metallic, black and silver, or even ice magic. These kits will make your creation truly spectacular and appealing, not to mention delicious. Because who wants a plain cake when you can have a colourfully decorated one?   

Decorating can also teach creativity and is an opportunity to spend some quality time with children, friends or family. Get the kids involved with fun, edible sprinkle shapes such as dinosaurs and unicorns, or even pick from character themes like Minnie Mouse.  

Pair edible glitter and sprinkles with fondant markers and gels to create something truly different, or personalise your creation with names and messages.  

Whatever you choose, edible glitter and sprinkles are sure to make your sweets look and taste even better. Browse today on eBay.