Egg Poachers

Egg poachers for every appetite

Poached eggs are many people's favourite breakfast food, undoubtedly due to the convenience of cooking the eggs and the versatility of recipes available. However, the chef's favourite method of swirling water in a pan can prove tricky, which is why an increasing amount of fool-proof egg poachers have been designed to make it easier than ever to cook an egg to perfection with near zero effort. 

Cooking for one or for everybody

Often when cooking for one person it can seem quite an effort to get out the pots and pans in the kitchen, which is when a silicon egg poacher is perfect. Many of the easy clean designs can also be used to make omelettes, offering two delicious ways to cook eggs at the touch of a microwave button. 

For larger families, however, one or two eggs might not be enough, which is why steamers or electric egg cookers that can hold 10, 12 or even 16 eggs are available. These larger capacity egg cookers are ideal for large events when several dozen eggs might need cooking in quick succession for a buffet. 

Multipurpose egg cookers

Whereas pouch egg poachers are often single-use items, some of the larger electric egg steamers offer more than just coddling eggs. Vegetables can be steamed in some steamers, alongside the eggs to be cooked or on their own, ideal for making a Nicoise salad where the eggs need soft boiling and the green beans need steaming. 

Electric, microwave or hot water designs

Although microwave and electric egg cookers offer excellent convenience, for some people steam cooking is the only way to poach. An easy way to achieve perfect results every time is with a metal egg poacher, or a special egg poaching pan, with space for water underneath and perfectly sized poaching cups on top.