Electric Garden Water Pumps & Pressure Tanks

For all your garden needs

Sometimes a normal garden hose is not enough to properly undertake your garden activities. You may finding yourself in need of an electric water pump. Jump onto eBay and explore the huge range of electric water pumps.

What is so special about the electric water pump?

Unlike an ordinary garden hose, the electric pump is able to maintain a steady pressure the moment the tap is opened and move large portions of water to your desired area. Some water pumps have a separate switch that will need to be turned on and off to start the water flow. With these water pumps, if you're wondering why the water hasn't started to come through, first check whether the switch is turned on. If you are a DIY explorer, you will want to have an electric water pump handy.

Electric water pumps can generally be plugged into your standard household powerpoint. There are larger electric water pumps that requiregeneratorsor another higher voltage power source but if you purchase a 12V water pump, you should be fine. Larger electric water pumps are useful for moving water over much longer distances.

Protecting your electric water pump

An electric water pump can be a good investment and help you around the home or worksite. Something that valuable should be protected. Water filters are recommended to protect the diaphragm on your water pumps as they prevent dirt and other unwanted materials entering your pump. The warranty may not cover any damage caused to the diaphragm of the water pump so make sure you read the disclosure policies from the manufacturer. In any event, getting a water filter may be a good idea.

Not looking for electric?

You can also find petrol and diesel powered water pumps but be warned that these water pumps may require higher maintenance than the electric water pump. A range of air tools also exist on eBay which are powered by compressed air. You can findair toolcompressor hoses but the pressure may not be as high as an electric or petrol powered water pump.

Check out eBay today and find the water pump for your needs.