Electric Pool Heaters & Solar Panels

Enjoy swimming all year round with solar pool heating

It’s the great Australian dream: to own your very own backyard pool. For the lucky few where this is a reality, there’s some harsh truths that come with it: unless you’re living in tropical weather, you can really only go for a dip in the warmest months – otherwise the water will be too cold. However, there’s a way you can enjoy your pool all year round, even in the winter: invest in solar panel heating.

Heating your pool isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity! Even in the warmer months, the water can still be too cold for your body. This is why you need a way to heat your pool so that you can swim in it all year round. If you want to extend your swimming season, solar heating is the efficient and simple way to heat your pool.

How does solar panel heating work?

Using the sun’s thermal energy, you can have a pool warm and swim-ready in as little as a few days. Simply put, solar panels are fitted to your roof, where they are in a position to collect the sun’s rays. Your pool water is then pumped through a solar collector, where it is heated before it is returned to your pool.

With low annual operating costs and an environmentally-friendly footprint, solar energy is a clean and reliable way to heat your pool. You can expect a temperature increase of 5-9 degrees Celsius, which is just right, regardless of the weather.

Enjoy the use of your pool in any season with solar panels and electric pool heaters. Shop online on eBay for a range of pool accessories, including pool and spa pumps, pool fences, and more.