Electrical Wires & Cables


For Any Job Big Or Small Electrical Wires Will Do The Trick

Whether you are looking for electrical wires and cables for your business or if you are doing a little DIY at home and need a small amount of cable to finish the job. You are sure to find what you need online with eBay. You can find a great range of wiring and cables in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. From flexible extension cable for those LED strip lights your daughter wants in her room, to heavy duty speaker wire to hook up all those speakers for your son’s stereo system.

Buying guides for electrical wires

When buying electrical wires, always consider these factors:

  • Wire Insulation: you want to make sure it has three layers - the first and second for resisting water and high temperature; and the third layer is flame-retardant.
  • Material of the wire: You should check out the material of the wire. Generally, wires are made of copper and aluminium. Copper is usually best as it ensures the wires have multiple strands, rather than a single strand.
  • Colour of wire insulation: Also, always take note of the colour. Each country has its own separate wiring colour code, and you want to make sure yours matches the Australian regulations. The live wire in Australia is brown, the neutral wire is blue, and the earth wire is green and yellow.
  • Wire size: There are different sizes of wires, depending on the purpose you intend to use them for. For example, for light points, opt for 1.5 sq mm size; for power sockets, choose 2.5 sq mm. For AC Points, opt for the size range of 4 to 6 sq mm. 
  • Length of wire: When purchasing electrical wires, endeavour to check out the length of the coil, as inscribed on the pack. The length of wire in each coil is 90 metres.

Types of electrical wires

  • Non-metallic Cables
  • Underground Feeder 
  • THN
  • THNN and THWN
  • Low-voltage Wire
  • Phone and Data Line 
  • Coaxial Cable

Start shopping now for all your commercial wire and cable needs by thickness, length, wire style, conductor material, and application, automotive, marine or audio/video. 

eBay also has a range of electrical tools available, wire stripers, electrical tape, cable cutters or insulated pliers. You can use them for anything electrical, even repairing electric skillets and electric steamers.

Be sure to add those to you cart before finalising your purchases. As you shop, look for the green $ sign for further savings, click the link to redeem any offers available.