The excellence that is Epiphone

Epiphone has been one of the most famous names in the music industry for generations. Epiphone is a sister company of Gibson, and offers not just its own line of mid to entry-level electric guitars, but more affordable versions of some of Gibson's most famous musical instruments, including Epiphone-branded Les Pauls, Semi-Hollows, and Archtops. More than just an entry-level brand, Epiphone electric guitars are loved by many pro musicians, who would never use anything else.

Not mere knock-offs

Epiphone is not a copy or knock-off brand, but a high-quality musical instrument manufacturer with a history dating back more than 140 years. The company began in Turkey, as a manufacturer of violins, and flutes, in 1873. They made their first guitar in 1928, and soon moved to America, where they first took the Epiphone name. In time, both Epiphone and Gibson were acquired by CMI, and the co-operative nature of the two brands was established. Today, Epiphone guitars are lovingly crafted in a factory in Quingdao, China, a factory originally built and operated by Gibson.

Parts of an electric guitar

Though by nature, electric guitars vary dramatically between brands, and models, there are a few core components that are always present. The headstock, and heads allow the strings to be tuned, just like any stringed instrument. The neck is striped with frets, which help the player isolate particular notes, and chords. The body is usually made of wood, but with a high gloss, often polymerised finish. Lastly, the pickups use electromagnetic fields, or the piezoelectric effect, to sense the vibrations of the strings.

Electric guitars of note

The list of famous guitar types in Gibson's and Epiphone's stable could stretch for pages. The best of the best might include Gibson's Les Paul, Cherry, Ebony, Archtop and Vintage Sunburst types, not forgetting Epiphone's Casino, Dot, and SG versions.

Epiphone also make a huge range of musical instrument accessories, from cases to covers, you can find it all on eBay.