Book & Magazine Wholesale Lots

Book and Magazine Wholesale Lots

Get the best price for reading materials when you purchase book and magazine wholesale lots. Typically packed with variety, these lots let you easily fill up a home library, give you the option to donate or sell tomes to charity, hospitals, or libraries, or let you catch up on issues and titles you may have missed in the most convenient and affordable way. Lots range when it comes to different topics or writers, and specialty issues or subjects appeal to a wide range of interests.

Seen In The Magazines

Magazines offer up something for everyone. Whether youre looking for wholesale lots of weekly magazines, or youre most interested in reading music magazines, buying wholesale lots is a great way to catch up on back issues. There are magazines that cater to certain interests, such as Fine Woodworking, or crafting, like beading or knitting magazines. Fashion magazines packed with celebrity news make entertaining reads, and some issues, such as Womans Day, are geared specifically towards female readers.

Stranger Than Fiction

Books come in all categories, and when you purchase wholesale lots, you can generally buy by the category or invest in a mixed lot and discover some new favourite genres and writers. Opt for a romance novel lot, or choose a shipment of mystery novels. A childrens book lot caters to either younger or older kids, and a classic lot provides beloved literature. Select a favourite writer and opt for a lot packed with his or her best works, including Terry Pratchett or Stephen King. If youre interested in a specific topic, seek out lots that combine fiction with nonfiction books that have to do with that topic, such as true crime or spirituality.

The Truth is Out There

Nonfiction books cover everything from books about finances and budgeting, to true life stories and biographies of interesting people. Choose religious books that analyse scripture, or select titles on parenting or herbal therapy. Some lots focus on a common interest, while others are more specific to a particular writer or series of books, such as The Celestine Prophecy series, or the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. Travel books come in handy if youre planning on taking a trip and wish to read about different destinations, and puzzle and game books keep your brain on the ball. Kids love comic books, whether new or vintage.

Shes Crafty

Craft books are their own category, and these include cookbooks. Purchase lots that deal with crafting projects, such as knitting, sewing, or embroidery, or pick up cookbooks that discuss specific dishes or topics, such as desserts, or offer a series of cookbooks, such as recipes for kids. Subjects like jewellery making are fun to read, especially if youre a budding crafter while a popular series that help you lose weight, like the Symply Too Good To Be True series, may be more effective when purchased as a set.