Fishing Underwater Cameras

Fishing Underwater Cameras

If you're not content with hours spent waiting to see if the fish are biting, invest in one of the many waterproof fishfinders and underwater cameras on the market. They'll let you see what's happening below the water's surface and if there are any fish around, as well as enhancing your knowledge of the underwater environment.

Learn About Your Technique

Encouraging a fish to bite is all a game and, with fishfinders, you can see whether your particular technique is working or if you should alter your tactics. You can detect those ultra-light bites that you may otherwise miss, helping you to set the hook at exactly the right moment. You may glimpse a much bigger catch in the vicinity while you've been focused on a small fish.

Be Entertained

Looking through a camera at what's going on below the water is a great way to encourage young family members to take up fishing. No longer is it just about sitting and waiting for something to happen, but they've got a live show of everything that's going on in the underwater world below. It will also help to educate them about which species they should be looking out for and how to judge which fish are too small for catching.


Waterproof fishfinder underwater cameras come with a whole host of features, including LED submersible fishing lights and long-lasting lithium batteries. Cameras are often designed to appear much like a fishing lure and attach to a waterproof and cold-resistant cable that links to an LCD screen above. The night-vision lights can easily be controlled by a switch, offering enhanced sight once the visibility levels drop.

Other Uses

As well as being a handy addition to your fishing and tackle gear, underwater fishing cameras are a great piece of equipment for anyone who's regularly on the water. Send it down to the bottom if you're trying to find a good anchorage or attach it to a pole to watch as dolphins play at the bow. It instantly lets you know what the environment is like in your immediate vicinity so you can learn a little more about its inhabitants.