Ford Car and Truck 19 Inch Wheels

Ford 19-Inch Wheels

When looking to switch out your 19-inch wheels, there are several options available. Additionally, there are a few things to consider when making your choice. Knowing what type of wheel you want can make a huge difference in how your car drives. Additionally, certain Ford vehicles may perform better with different types of 19-inch rims. Just big enough to show off some flair, Ford rims can add that special touch to any favourite car.

What Are the Different Types of 19-Inch Wheels?

  • Steel. This type of wheel is the most basic wheel on the market. They use billets of steel using strong hydraulic equipment. These wheels are the most in expensive option, but it is strong and heavy.
  • Alloy. At first, you only saw these on luxury vehicles. 19-inch now appears on several different types of cars. They are light in weight and can feature many different designs.
  • Multi-piece. Either featuring two-pieces or three-pieces, these wheels are the wheel face and the rim, or dividing the rim up in two. This design makes the wheel itself heavier but a bit weaker in design.
  • Forged. Wheels that use from aluminium are some of the strongest and most lightweight wheels available.

What Are the Different Types of Finishes for Wheels?

  • Chrome. Chrome wheels are a very popular way to show off your wheels. The shimmer from the high-shine of the silver can catch the sun and make your wheels pop. Many people choose to upgrade their wheels for a chrome look. 19-inch chrome rims make your car appear to be more luxurious, and this increases its value.
  • Matte black. Matte black offers no shine to your rims as it's a completely flat look. That combined with black make your wheels look powerful and mysterious. Many people choose this look for something different. These 19-inch black rims also look as if your wheel and tire are one entity.
  • Coloured. Some rims have the option to have coloured accents on each spoke of the wheel. The colour choices include red, blue, purple, green, yellow. The pop of colour adds a bit of interest to any wheel.