Frownies Anti-Aging Products

If you're not a fan of mainstream anti-ageing products, Frownies might be right up your alley. They're natural, vegan, and cruelty free – important credentials for a lot of people. But they've also been working well for thousands of people for decades. They've often been called 'no-injection Botox', because they can achieve a similar result to Botox, but without the muscle paralysis caused by the injections.

What Frownies patches do

Frown lines – especially those on the forehead and between the eyebrows – form when we habitually tighten facial muscles in annoyance or concentration. Frownies patches are worn overnight, between the eyebrows. They hold the skin in place, pushing your forehead muscles into a relaxed state. Over time, you learn to relax those muscles, causing a long-term decrease in the depth of wrinkles in the area. You can use Frownies skin care products to enhance the effects.

Use Frownies around your mouth too

The mouth is another area where muscle tightness can cause deep wrinkling, as mental stress manifests physically in overly tight muscles around the mouth and jaw. And while smile lines might make us look more approachable, deep frown lines certainly don't. Wearing Frownies patches around your mouth and jaw can help you to relax these muscles as you sleep and keep them relaxed. And less physical tension equals fewer and shallower lines around your mouth.

Other benefits of Frownies anti ageing patches

Decreasing tension in your facial muscles might have more benefits than just improving your apparent age (and level of grumpiness). When we're under stress, a common reaction is to start grinding our teeth in our sleep. This can lead to a host of dental and jaw problems. Using Frownies to hold and relax your facial muscles could also help you to relax your jaw enough so that you don't grind your teeth or clench your jaw while you sleep.