Furminator Cat Grooming Supplies


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Furminator Cat Grooming Supplies

Just about everyone who owns a pet has had to deal with shedding. A lizard or a fish may not leave much fur lying around, but even birds molt; dog- and cat-owners can certainly call pet fur a daily reality of life. Cats, especially, can require special care because of the way they self-groom. It’s not just that their fur winds up on the carpet and all over the furniture, but also the way they can make a mess or hurt themselves with disgusting hairballs. Thankfully, FURminator cat groom supplies can help you to help your cat avoid the mess and discomfort that sometimes results from self-grooming.


Lots of people own a cat brush, but a FURminator cat grooming brush removes loose fur from both your cat’s topcoat and undercoat without cutting the hair or removing fur your cat needs to moderate its body temperature. This can help to prevent mats and tangles as well as mitigating hairballs; the more loose fur you remove as your cat sheds, the less it will ingest when self-grooming.


When it comes to your pet or pets, more bonding time is always better. Cats are tactile creatures, and while they may initially be somewhat curious or even suspicious of a FURminator cat grooming comb or other cat grooming supplies, they can come to love the process of grooming after they’ve accustomed themselves to it. Many cats take to it right away, and love the contact and sensations when you brush or comb them. Plus, they’ll thank you for helping them to stay healthy!


The more fur you brush out of your cat’s coat before they can ingest or shed it, the less you’ll find clinging to your furniture and clothing, and the fewer hairballs you’ll have to deal with. Not only can this help to prevent lifelong digestive problems in your feline companion, but also, for the price of a FURminator deshedding tool and some bonding time with your cat, you’ll save on the labor of cleanup and on the cost of cleaning supplies. FURminator cat products are a great investment toward making yourself healthier and happier, too.

Dogs, Too!

If you’re not a cat person, FURminator handles more than feline needs; there are also brushes, combs and other products for dogs big and small.