• Fiddleback Yellow Box Guitar Back And Sides . Luthier #853

    Acoustic guitar back and sides set, medium body size. Check dimensions. Fiddleback Yellow box. Eucalyptus melliodora. Really striking set with strong, deep curl fiddleback, set at an angle. Unusual dark sapwood against the honey/amber coloured heartwood.
    AU $160.00
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  • Complete NO-SOLDER DIY Kit - SG Style Set Neck Electric Guitar + Tuner + Picks

    E-240DIY SG Electric Guitar DIY Kit. Trim 3-ply black ’63 Half ‘Bat Wing’ pickguard; black pickup rings, cover plates, switch knob. Included Wiring Diagram, Truss rod key, set of XL strings, 1/4” lead, digital tuner, 3 picks & holder.
    AU $143.10
    Was: Previous priceAU $159.00
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  • Spalted Maple Cap.

    Spalted Big Leaf Maple 2 @ 500 x 175 x2.9 mm.
    AU $69.00
  • Walnut Guitar Back And Sides Set . Luthier #875

    European Walnut . Juglans regia Acoustic guitar back and sides set , marked clear on my classical template , check the dimensions. Local grown . The tree was on a property in Hepburn , and was planted by a friends great grandfather . Generations grew up under it , playing under the huge shady canopy and eating its nuts . It died naturally , likely from a fungal infection . Dark swirling colour , all heart wood . Backs 548 long , 157 to 207 taper width , 3.2mm thick sanded . Wedge off above upper bout , out of profile Sides 895 long , 145 wide , 2.6 mm thick sanded Postage or pick up from Daylesford 3461 to anywhere in the world that postage will go Thanks
    AU $125.00
  • Complete NO-SOLDER DIY Kit - LP Style Electric Guitar - Flame Maple Top + Tuner

    E-238DIY Flame Maple LP Electric Guitar DIY Kit. Top Veneer. 5mm Flame maple withclear protective overcoat (must be sanded off if staining). Body Solid white poplar w/carved arched top. Included Wiring Diagram, Truss rod key, set of XL strings, 1/4” lead, digital tuner, 3 picks & holder.
    AU $159.00
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  • AAA Indian Rosewood Fingerboard for fretboard, Luthier

    Perfect for the fingerboard of that beautiful acoustic or Electric guitar you're building. Great looking piece for the Luthier or for the woodworker's next "special" project. AAA East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard.
    AU $21.95
    108 sold
  • Master Fiddleback Blackwood Electric Guitar Face . Luthier #831

    Electric guitar drop top / face bookmatch pair. Fits most any electric guitar profile. Master grade. Exceptional merino fine fiddleback throughout. Great colour variation. Sap match included though large enough to cut out.
    AU $170.00
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  • Indian Rosewood Fretboard Blank.

    Good stuff.
    AU $33.00
    or Best Offer
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  • Bocote Back And Sides Set.

    Cordia Gerascanthus, same family as Ziricote(Cordia). Easier to work than ziricote. Same density as cocobolo, ringing Taptone. Acoustic back and side set. Quarter sawn. Striking grain. 2 - 830 x 125 x 2.6 mm.
    AU $165.00
  • Bunya Acoustic Guitar Soundboard . Luthier #713

    Bunya, Bunya bunya or bunya pine ( its not a pine !). Acoustic guitar bookmatch pair. Forest grown, stiff, light weight material. May have fine, tight birdseyes within profile - see the photos.
    AU $40.00
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  • Master Grade Ringed Gidgee Electric Guitar Face . Luthier #855

    Ringed Gidgee . Acacia cambagei Electric guitar drop top bookmatch pair or fine box making detail timber . Master grade ringed / fiddleback figure with awesome colour variation . One of the top 3 heaviest timbers in the world . Gidgee like this is why its such a famed timber . Banded colour with some areas running to nearly black . See the photos for the faults / voids . Easily clears les Paul and likely larger . If the voids are filled it will make most any electric guitar template . Bookmatch pair each 630 long , 204 wide , 4.8mm thick sanded Postage or pick up from Daylesford 3461 to anywhere in the world that postage will go . Thanks
    AU $160.00
  • Brazilian Rosewood Classical bridge blank.

    Nicely made classical bridge. Stamped Japan on the back, nos from the 60s.
    AU $42.00
  • New Guitar Parts Naphtha

    New Guitar Parts Naphtha Behlen Naphtha. 946ml tin. Protective clothing and equipment should always be used when working with any finishing products. The use of appropriate respirators, face-masks, eye protection, and full-body clothing is recommended, and always work in a well ventilated area.
    AU $43.95
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  • Set of 11 Understring Radius Gauge For Guitar Bass Setup Premium Luthier Tools

    This luthier tool set was specifically created to help complete the most common repairs and adjustments. Includes 7 Stainless Steel Understring Radius Gauges, 1 Pin Puller Keychain, 1 Double Sided Etched Stainless Steel String Action Gauge Ruler and 2 Stainless Steel Fingerboard Fret Protector Guards in 2 sizes.
    AU $16.71
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  • 5 Pce Solid Carbide Downcut Router Bit Set for Luthiers and Engraving/Inlay Work

    Guitar makers will find these bits ideal for inlay work and saddle slotting. They can be used with soft & hard woods, ply-woods, composites, laminates and plastics. All bits have a 1/8” diameter shank.
    AU $75.00
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  • New Guitar Parts Jet Spray Clear Lacquer - Gloss (Nitro)

    New Guitar Parts Jet Spray Clear Lacquer - Gloss (Nitro) Jet Spray Nitrocellulose Lacquer - Clear Gloss finish. Specially formulated to enable the experienced as well as novice to do a professional finish and touch-up.
    AU $34.95
    Free postage
  • Mastergrade Slotted Ebony fretboard.

    Jet Black master grade Ebony board. Slotted at 25.5" fender scale.
    AU $95.00
  • Honduran Mahogany neck blank.

    Premium Honduran Mahogany neck blank, head blank, neck block. Quartersawn, air dried for 25 years. 128 x 100 x 55 mm.
    AU $120.00
  • Figured Bocote Fretboard Blank.

    497 x 77 x 6.4 mm.
    AU $58.00
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  • 3 Piece Mahogany/Wenge/Mahogany Guitar Neck Blank.

    3 piece laminated neck blank. Mahogany and Wenge stripe.
    AU $69.00
  • Mystery wood drop top.

    Unreal timber, dense, nice grain, no idea what it is, but I like it.
    AU $69.00
  • Ziricote Bass Fretboard Blank

    Ziricote bass board.
    AU $70.00
  • Fiddleback Blackwood Guitar Back And Sides . Luthier #826

    Acoustic guitar back and sides set. Easily makes dreadnaught. Very high grade fiddleback which is fine and tight throughout. Great rich dark colour with some dark wash, especially in the sides.
    AU $200.00
  • Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard, Headplate and Bridge.

    Premium perfect 1/4 sawn fretboard, headplate from the same billet and prime bridge blank. Measurements are written on there. Even the headplate has a ringing taptone.
    AU $295.00

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