Guitar Building & Luthier Supplies

Guitar Building and Luthier Supplies

There is a certain magic in learning to play an instrument; to take an inanimate object of string and wood and coax music that seems to transcend the mere physical reality of the instrument and the musician. Building the instrument itself is a different kind of magic altogether, a magic of hard but careful work and know-how cultivated over generations. But the process of building a guitar is also mundane and requires quality tools and raw materials, just like any other trade. There are tools and materials for experts and beginners on the path of instrument building both here.


Besides basic woodworking tools such as a table saw, drill press, band sander, or hand tools such as scrapes and files, you will also need a number of specialist luthier tools and supplies to help you get the precise shape. These include bending tools that don’t risk damaging the wood, as well as very precise and specialized thickness callipers. A little bit of research will go a long way here and you don’t want to try and make do with tools that aren’t fit for purpose, as it will definitely show (and sound!) in the final result. You can also find partially prefabricated parts here; fretboards and strips of laminated wood ready to be worked into shape and put into your instrument.

DIY Guitar Building

If you’re new to the craft of luthierie, you might find it helpful to get started with a DIY guitar building kit. With these, some of the more complicated steps have already been done for you and you get a grab-bag of useful tools as you progress. This is a good way to get a cool result early on an build up more enthusiasm and appreciation for the craft. They’ll give you a good idea of what goes into making a guitar without throwing you right in the deep end. These kits are commonly sold for electric guitars but you may also be able to find them for acoustic guitars.