HO Gauge Model Train Steam Locomotives

HO Scale Steam Locomotive

Being the most popular scale of model railway in the world, HO scale model train locomotives are 1/87 the size of real trains. Affordability and ease of set-up and size were the main goals of their original creation. While they come with many details, these tiny little trains look good on display or in conventional use. Additionally, they are much less expensive to manufacture than larger scale models, which make them more affordable for collectors.

Two-Track Trains

Most HO scale model trains run on two-rail tracks that use DC power. Adjusting the power to the tracks determines the speed of the trains. Most are nickel silver because of its excellent resistance to corrosion. While it is not uncommon to find steel tracks available for use, rail sizes for HO trains are usually code 100, but as these are fairly large, it is common to also use smaller tracks with individual wooden sleepers and crossties, with rails you secure by small railroad spikes.

Train Gauge

The gauge of a railroad is the distance between the inside edges of the railheads. HO scale model steam locomotives generally run on a standard track that should be proportionate to the size of the train that is running. Narrow gauges can also go with HP scale trains. These types of model trains are interchangeable among different size tracks, as they are scaled-down versions of historical railroad track sizes.

Kit Types

Because of the scale’s popularity, there are several manufacturers that produce a wide assortment of models, kits and supplies. Some HO scale model trains come as ready-to-run models that are fully ready for use right out of the box. This means there isn’t any work that needs doing either with assembling the trains or applying details. On the other end of the spectrum, shake-the-box kits are simple, easy to assemble kits that do not require much skill in assembling the trains. These kits have simple parts that most enthusiasts can put together. Craftsman kits need a much higher level of skill to assemble and can include several hundred parts. These kits can take several hours to put together and are for the hard core train enthusiasts. Additionally, individual supplies and parts are available, allowing users to build one-of-a-kind HO model trains.