Hallway Tables

Statement hallway tables to give your home that wow factor

If you're looking to replace your existing hallway table or perhaps have just moved into a new home and looking to find your finishing touches, then you'll be pleased to find an array of hallway tables on eBay.

Style of your hallway table

When your guests walk into your home, you want to create that wow factor as a fantastic first impression. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional interior decor styles, there is a huge array of hallway tables to cater to your furniture tastes.

The material of table you choose will really make or break your hallway look. Wooden timber tables will create that rustic or elegant look, depending on the type of wood chosen. Painted wooden hallway tables will give that French-chic style to your hall. Alternatively, opt for marble, metal or glass hall tables to create more modern feels.

Added storage built into your table

Once you've agreed on the style, you will want to consider if you just want a decorative hall table or instead would like to double-up with a table that also offers increased storage. Depending on the size of your home, you may find the hallway doesn't offer enough room to fit such a large table within. Similarly, you may have living room or bedroom desks that provide the same function and therefore having storage may not be a necessity for you.

Should you have space in your hallway, many tables have drawers or shelves built in that are handy for storing keys, loose change or those little bits and bobs that you never know where to store.

Whatever your hallway space, ensure you measure up before purchasing your table to ensure that it fits with ease into the space and that you and your guests can navigate easily around it without causing any damages. Lastly, once you've got the hallway table in situ, consider decorating with a bunch of flowers and the best photos of your family, to really make it a statement piece worth taking note of.