Heated Ceramic Hair Brushes & Combs

Add a new weapon to your haircare arsenal with heated ceramic hair brushes and combs from eBay

Don't like using hair dryers on your hair, but hate leaving home with a damp 'do? You can kill two birds with one stone, decreasing drying time and styling your hair at the same time, with heated brushes and combs. These innovative devices are made from ceramic and provide low levels of heat that can dry your hair and bring it under control without causing damage to its outer layers or the follicles themselves.

Avoid dandruff

Some people find that using hair dryers can also dry out their scalp, leading to flaking and then unsightly dandruff scattered throughout their hair and over their shoulders. While you could switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner, an easier option is to cut the amount of hot, dry air that your scalp is exposed to. A heated ceramic brush is gentler and won't dry out your scalp the way a hair dryer can.

Keep your hair conditioned

Using a ceramic heated comb or brush gently encourages your hair to let go of the excess moisture clinging to it without losing the natural oils that give it its condition and shine. You typically won't need a moisturising spray to add condition back to your hair as you would when using a hair dryer. But if your hair does need some extra love, adding a small amount of argan oil to the roots of your hair and then brushing it with one of these heated brushes can help spread the oil through your hair. Argan oil is made from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree, and it's traditionally been used to protect and moisturise long hair.

Heated brush vs hot air brush: You'll find that there are a couple of variations to be found hot air brushes do actually emit hot air as you brush, whereas heated brushes or hot brushes don't – they just heat up from warm to hot. Find the best too for your styling needs on eBay today.