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Herman Miller Office Chairs

Herman Miller is an American manufacturer of office furniture that was founded in 1905. While leather office chairs are still popular, Herman Miller office chairs provide users with better ergonomics and lumbar support in the modernist style. Herman Miller chairs come in a range of sizes and are adjustable to suit individual needs.


Herman Miller have a strong design history, working with designers such as George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames. They now work with well known contemporary designers and their products all exhibit the latest innovations. Herman Miller provide both the public and private sectors, and have won numerous awards for their high-quality products and designs. The design aesthetic of Herman Miller office chairs makes them an attractive choice for businesses and individuals alike.


Herman Miller chairs are designed for maximum ergonomic comfort. Many models feature a mesh backing, which provides strong support and breathability. A swivel base with wheels enables you to move with ease. Many chairs feature adjustable pads, which provide excellent lumbar support and help you to maintain good posture in the chair. Chairs that move seamlessly with your body also help to improve ergonomics, allowing you to recline naturally without needing to make manual adjustments.


The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the brands most popular office chairs. This iconic chair was recently redesigned to improve comfort, though the same design aesthetic still remains. The Aeron comes in three different sizes and is designed to provide good lumbar support and adjustability options. Unlike heavy steel office chairs, the Aeron has a titanium frame and base. This chair is popular with office workers and those that spend extended periods of time at their desk, because it helps to maintain good posture. Extensive research surrounding the science of sitting was conducted during the design process, making this chair a popular choice for those that have concerns about sitting and the impacts on health.

Other Models

Other popular models of office chairs produced by Herman Miller include the Embody, Mirra, Celle, Sayl and Setu ranges. Many of the chairs come in a range of sizes, which means everyone can find the right fit. All of these chairs are from the performance work range, which is designed for extended periods of use. There are many different colours to choose from to match your office or home decor.