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Go back in time with horse carts and carriages

The collection of horse carts and carriages available here on eBay offers functional carts with some real charm. If you have ample space and long to own an antique cart or carriage, you're sure to find your ideal cart.

A piece of history

Discover authentic and rare horse carriages that are unique, ideal for those looking to add some real style to their setup. Find full carriages with their original wheels and other features still intact, alongside other stylish features like a sofa-style seat.

Find pony carts that are ideal for use with ponies that can fit up to two people. The rubber wheels can tackle any terrain with ease whilst the metal construction ensures for a stable ride.

If you're looking for something with more style, go for an antique horse-drawn vehicle. With a maroon design, leather chairs that can seat up to four people, and an adjustable canopy, this horse-drawn carriage is ideal for adding some rustic charm to weddings. Two lamps mounted to the front further add to the antique charm.

If you're looking for horse cart parts and accessories, you'll find high quality wooden wheels for carts with steel rims. These are ideal for ponies as they're 36 inches in diameter.

You are as unique as the horse cart and carriage in that these items are not for everyone. You might just have an eye for a collector's item or you need horse driving equipment for commercial purposes. If you have space, ensure you have a clear idea of what the carriage you're after and can see yourself in one of the many photos that the existing owner's upload.

Horse-drawn carriages are often used at weddings to make for a memorable day. These timeless items are also presented at shows where the late 1800s and early 1900s become the present day.