Hydraulic Automotive Bottle Jacks


Changing Tyres Is Made Easier With A Bottle Jack

As you get ready to adventure forward in your new 4WD with your new caravan being towed along behind you, be sure you have packed your hydraulic automotive bottle jack in an easily accessible place. The last thing you want is to be caught out in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre and having to try and wrangle the bottle jack out of an awkward spot or realise you forgot to pack it in the first place. eBay has a great range of hydraulic bottle jacks for you to choose from. 

Bottle jack buying guide

When looking for a bottle jack, consider the size of your vehicle. Even if your automobile isn't completely flat, a bottle jack should be able to handle its weight. Look for a model with a 2-ton rating. A larger capacity jack can support a heavier vehicle.

The larger capacity type incorporates wheels and handles to make it easier to transport. Keep in mind, however, that a bottle jack is not suggested for vehicles with low clearance, and that a floor jib is the ideal option for such a vehicle.

Consider the lift range, or the highest height to which an object can be lifted. Most bottle jibs, for example, have a range of five to twenty inches with a height adjustment screw that allows you to alter the jack height.

While bottle jacks are excellent for lifting vehicles, their narrow structure might cause them to be unstable. They are less stable than bigger floor jibs because they are smaller. For size, you'll need to choose one with a wider base.

For lifting big goods, a bottle jack is a useful tool. Look for jacks built of high-quality materials that will not break when you attempt to lift your vehicle. It's crucial to realise that different jacks have varying capacities and will be useful in a variety of situations.

Changing your caravan tyre will be so much easier with a hydraulic automotive bottle jack, so start shopping today. You’ll also find an electric car jack and general hydraulic jack. Use the filters to narrow your search by vehicle type, such as heavy duty or passenger vehicle, brand, and price. Check for the manufacturer’s warranty on the bottle jack and the seller’s terms and conditions. Shop with confidence with eBay with their money-back guarantee on all purchases.