India Stamps

Celebrate Indian History, Art, and Culture With Stamps From 1947 to Now

If you love India or have Indian heritage, an Indian stamp collection from 1947 to now allows you to celebrate the country's vast heritage. If you are a stamp collector, when you shop on eBay for stamps of India, you can find many different types to add to your collection. Your choices include Indian stamps from 1949 to stamps of India from 2019.

Types of India stamps since 1949

India started releasing stamps in 1947, and the first stamps of India read "India Postage." In 1949, the government started issuing six different types of stamps, including:

  • Commemorative stamps - These stamps are designed to commemorate a particular person, place, or event and are designed to be sold for a short time.
  • Republic definitive stamps - These stamps are designed to be sold for a long time.
  • Military stamps - These stamps are to be used by active personnel, and the military often delivers their mail when these stamps are attached.
  • Miniature stamps - These stamps that are similar to commemorative stamps are related to one subject matter, and they are attached to one larger stamp sheet.
  • Se-tenant stamps - These stamps sets are designed so that one illustration covers the entire stamp sheet. Its individual stamps can be removed and used.
What are some different subjects and themes in commemorative stamps?

Commemorative stamps have covered many different topics, including:

  • Ancient architecture - In 2018, the governments of India and Vietnam issued a joint set of stamps dedicated to ancient architecture.
  • Mahatma Gandhi - On the first anniversary of India becoming a republic, four Mahatma Gandhi commemorative stamps were issued. In all, the government has issued 17 Mahatma Gandhi stamps through 2019.
  • 1st Asian Games - On March 4, 1951, the government issued two stamps showing a torch to celebrate the first Asian Games.
  • Conquest of Mount Everest - On Oct. 2, 1953, the government issued a brown and a purple stamp to commemorate the conquest of this high peak.
  • United Nations Day - Joining governments from around the world, India issued a stamp celebrating United Nations Day on Oct. 24, 1954.
Types of India stamps that may be available on eBay

There are many different types of India stamps that you may find on eBay. You may find ‘extra fine’ stamps, which have wide margins and are perfectly centered. You can also find ‘very fine’ stamps that have ample margins and are perfectly centered. Collectors grade Indian stamps ‘fine’ if they have a significant offset, but all four margins are still present, and you can find these Indian stamps for sale on eBay. You may also see ‘average’ stamps that have one side trimmed off or cut into by the perforations.