JBL Portable MP3 Player Headphones & Earbuds


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Chill out with JBL headphones

Want to chill and watch a movie? Or maybe you're off to work on the dreaded bus. If so, a set of JBL headphones will improve both no end, allowing you to get lost in your favourite tunes.

Ear Cup (Over the Ear)

Over the ear headphones have a more heavy duty appearance, but usually provide a better sound quality. Over-ear closed cup headphones often have a noise cancelling element, relieving you from the pain of having your music disturbed by outside noise.

Earbud (In Ear)

For that perfect in-ear fit and discrete appearance, standard earbud designs are a must. Great for when you're building up a sweat in the gym, studying in the library or just walking to and from work. JBL has a range of Bluetooth enabled in-ear and on-ear headphones. This takes away the restrictive cable that often gets tangled up. Wireless listening is the way forward.

Ear-pad (On the Ear)

On the ear headphones from JBL fit comfortably over the ear without surrounding them. They offer great sound quality and are more hygienic than in-ear ones, great for use in a studio where you'll be sharing. In a range of designs and styles, you can snatch up a pair of headphones at a reasonable price.


You've got a long flight coming up and you just need to sit back, relax and doze off to some of your favourite sounds. JBL headband earphones rap comfortably around the head and are made of soft material in a range of different colours, but nothing can beat classic black. These wireless headphones will often allow you to lay down comfortably whilst wearing them, allowing you to drift off to some relaxing tunes.


Attention businessmen/women! Important phone call incoming! Neckband earbuds, as the name suggests, protrude from a band you wear around your neck. So, go ahead and answer! This style of (often wireless) headphone relieves you of any untidy or irritating wires that other types have, letting you listen to your music in comfort and style.