Karaoke Systems

Complete Karaoke Systems

Nothing makes a party like a shared musical experience, even if it's a bad musical experience. The moment you bring out a karaoke machine the whole tenor of the party changes. People start moving and singing and having a great time, all thanks to the power of a home karaoke system. There are two ways to do karaoke, Western-style with only one karaoke microphone, and Japanese-style with two. Of the two, Japanese-style is far more fun at a party because it gets more people involved.

Karaoke in Australia

While it's easy enough to bring a portable karaoke machine home and have fun, it's not quite as simple to set up karaoke equipment for a public performance. Note that public performances aren't limited to bars and taverns. They include both schools and community events, so essentially any time you want to host karaoke outside a private home, you need a license. The reason for this is that both the songs and the recordings are subject to copyright, and you need a "License to Host Karaoke Performance," in order to make sure you don't fall foul of the law.

What Do You Need for a Complete Karaoke System?

The basics of karaoke are simple: you need songs, speakers, a screen, and microphones. The catch is that you can't just make do with any songs, speakers or microphones. Karaoke performers have special needs, and the best way to turn your karaoke night into pure fun is to make sure your equipment meets those needs:

  • Microphones: Whenever possible use wireless microphones for karaoke. They are much easier to pass from hand to hand, and you don't have to worry about the chance of people tripping over the cords.
  • Speakers: Regular speakers aren't for live performances; they're better for your favourite playlist. Get powered PA speakers with built-in amps that can handle a live performance with ease.
  • Songs: Karaoke music CDs leave out the vocal track, and have a separate video track for people to sing along. The format is called CDG, and works in any dedicated karaoke machine.

Advantages of Buying a Complete System

While you can buy the various components of your home karaoke system separately, it's often a better idea to get yourself a complete system instead. Consider the following advantages of a complete system:

  • Completeness: The biggest advantage is that you are that much less likely to forget some key component and ruin karaoke night for everyone.
  • Interference: Your wireless microphones won't interfere with each other.
  • Music: Many complete systems come with either a collection of CDGs or digital recordings of all your favourite karaoke songs.

There's absolutely no reason to let poor preparation stand in the way of your karaoke night when it doesn't have to. Take advantage of a complete system, and enjoy the night the way you were meant to.