Kids Suitcases

The kids are alright with their own luggage bags

There are many varieties of kids' suitcases to choose from, and it all depends on the age of your child and just how independent they are. Some will enjoy carrying a backpack like a big boy or girl, whereas some will find that too tiring. One of the most popular pieces of luggage for children is the Trunki, which brings a bit of fun to the logistics of travelling, too.

The basic kids' luggage bag

So, your basic kid's luggage bag needs a few requirements in order to be practical enough for a child, but also offer some function when it comes to them packing their own bits and bobs, that are so important to them.

It's key to select something that isn't too large if your child wants to carry it around themselves, and something with click straps that can be fastened at the front is a great security measure that will help your kids to ensure that their luggage doesn't get left around anywhere. A small backpack is an ideal piece that can be packed by your little ones, and carried around with ease.

The Trunki and the suitcase

Some regard the Trunki as the crème de la crème of kids travel bags, and that's because it's form and function is nigh on perfect. With wheels on the bottom of the case allowing the child to be pulled along whilst sitting on it, its ideal for kids who want to have a grown-up case, but could get tired walking around with it. In steps the parent and you have a makeshift travel cart.

If a plain suitcase is what your child is after, there are plenty to choose from, with many emblazoned with their favourite character, complete with wheels and their own little pully handle.