Himalayan salt lamps

Salt lamps are pretty multi-talented. Not only do they add to the décor of your home or office, emitting a soft, warm light. They also reduce the amount of allergens and toxins in the air, counteracting potentially harmful electric currents within your home.

How salt lamps work

Unlike decorative lamps, salt lamps give off negative ions into the atmosphere and absorb the positive ions. The benefits to this exchange of atoms can increase the energy levels you and your family experience as positive ions can sap energy, leaving you feeling exhausted.

Create a healthier home

Many people worry about the effect that electromagnetic radiation has with having many electronic devices in our homes, particularly as the number continues to grow. There are many expensive and elaborate products that claim to reduce or block the amount of electromagnetic radiation that enters your home. However, by placing a salt lamp within each room of your home, you can counteract the positive ions given off by electronics with the salt lamps natural release of negative ions.

Improved sleep

High positive ion charge in the air can reduce the amount of blood and oxygen to your brain interfering with the quality of your sleep and leaving you feeling exhausted when you wake in the morning. With a Himalayan salt lamp or two in your room or used as a bedside lamp you will sleep soundly and feel more rested due to the negative ion charge it gives off into the room.

With all these great health benefits, not to mention how great they look, what's stopping you from getting yourself a Himalayan salt lamp? There are a huge range available on eBay, and you can choose from different sizes, colours and shapes. Get yourself on eBay today and see if you can feel the difference.