Landscape & Walkway Lights

Garden Landscape Walkway Lights

Most people don’t want to have their garden or front yard completely illuminated throughout the night. it’s not only unnecessary but wasteful too. However, there are forms of outdoor lighting available that allow you to strategically illuminate pars of your garden, like the walkway, so that you can safely get around at night. Garden landscape and walkway lights let you see where you’re going outside your home in as efficient a manner as possible.

Solar Powered Lights

So that they’re self sufficient and untethered, garden lights generally use solar panels to power them. Solar garden lights feature a small, dedicated solar cell on top of them that converts sunlight into enough energy to operate their efficient light bulbs. It’s for this reason, that solar lights often use LEDs as their light source.

Automatic Night Sensor

It’s pretty senseless to have solar garden lights working during the middle of the day, given that their purpose is to be efficient. To stop this wastefulness, many garden lights feature a sensor that means the lights only operate at night. Other garden lights come with timers that can set to run when you want, or even have individual manual switches if you want to customise your setup.


As an outdoor product, you want some level of faith that your outdoor lightning is able to survive the elements. Garden lights are often fitted with cases made of materials like stainless steel to make them weather resistant. They typically also use shatterproof glass to protect them from incidental outdoor damage.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Given how different one garden can be from the next, it only makes sense that each may be suited to different types of outdoor lighting. Garden lights come in a range of types, from the typical low-lying lawn lights, to grand lamp posts and small gutter lights that can be affixed to surface’s like gutters, walls and fences. More forms of garden lighting, like garden solar and flame torches provide an even greater degree of choice.