Loafer Shoes for Boys

Boy's Loafers

As boys get older there is an increasing need for smart shoes for school and special occasions. Boy's loafers are a great choice for keeping fashionable yet remaining comfortable, which will go with a range of outfits from everyday to evening.


Boys loafers or moccasins as they are sometimes called are a flat type of shoe with a rounded toe made to slip on and off. This make these loafer slip on boys shoes smart enough for school particularly as they don't have laces, so boy's can avoid the hassle when getting dressed in the morning or changing for PE.

Often you can find loafers are adorned with tassels on the front for decoration and some have a threaded leather ribbon around the outside of the shoe.


Some of the most popular materials are suede or leather loafers for boys , which offer a relaxed fit. Upon buying you may find these shoes quite hard, however with a little wear these will stretch and become a very comfy choice of shoe.

There are also a range of Synthetic boys loafer shoes available which you may find more cost effective. Due to the type of material and dependent on the amount of use these shoes get, this material may not last as long as their leather or suede alternatives.

The colours do vary, depending on the season, but throughout the year you'll find the most popular colours are black, brown and navy.

Fitting and sizing

The slip on nature of loafers makes them a good choice for younger children. Sometimes elastic at the sides makes it even easier so they are a really good choice to get kids used to managing shoes themselves. It's a good idea to check periodically the size of children's feet to make sure you get the most use out of each pair of shoes you buy.