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Magnificant Mahalo ukuleles for making amazing music

The ukulele is one of the most distinctive instruments to have ever been created and offers a truly iconic sound. It doesn't matter whether you're chicken picking with your country band, or you're just learning simple songs to try and get to grips with the style and sound of your very first uke, there's a model to suit your level of experience.

A Mahalo ukulele has the ability to produce a range of music octaves with ease and is the perfect instrument for a beginner. Available in striking colours, these ukuleles also offer a touch of style.

Mahalo ukulele sizes

A Mahalo ukulele comes in four main sizes. There's the soprano, tenor, baritone, and concert ukulele. The soprano is the most traditional and the most common as well. Mahalo soprano ukuleles are suited more to beginners and are at the smaller end of the spectrum.

If you are transitioning from the guitar then the soprano ukulele is 51cm and the concert ukulele is 58cm. The body is much bigger on the concert ukulele and the frets have more room as well. Mahalo ukuleles are often very loud and have the ability to produce a big sound without the need for any other amplification. The tenor is 66cm and it is deeper than a classical guitar.

If you have done your research then you will already know that a Mahalo ukulele is traditionally made out of mahogany. It is also common to find Mahalo ukes that are made out of spruce as well. Solid wood means that it is wood on the outside and on the inside and makes a beautiful sound. Laminated on the other hand is much more affordable, with two types of woods used. This also helps to boost the aesthetic of the uke to ensure that you're looking good while you're onstage.