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MXL USB Pro Audio Microphones

MXL has been at the forefront of innovative technology since the company was founded in 1980. Their main goal is to provide us with the best quality microphones on the market at an affordable price, which has led to years of research and innovation into audio equipment that has been developed and patented in the process. You can find microphones for any occasions from use in a recording studio, live performance, broadcast, video conferencing, court reporting and even video gaming. Their range of audio microphones caters to every need.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are generally used in studios, where they have a much better frequency response and louder output. MXL’s USB cardioid condenser microphone features a gold-sputtered diaphragm and 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, producing a smooth natural sound that is perfect for a radio show. The MXL Trio is a smaller version that is more compact for on-the-go use, while still producing that clear quality sound.

Desktop Recording Kits

If you like the idea of having a personal assistant on hand, the MXL Desktop Communicator has all the functions you need for your office space. It is designed with 180-degree coverage, which is particularly helpful when it comes to making conference calls and feeling like you are part of the action. You are also able to mute it for any private conversations, and use it as a speaker to play music from throughout the day. It is compatible with any computer—PC or Mac—and will enhance any office place.

Ribbon Microphones

MXL’s audio equipment has taken a giant leap with the MXL UR-1, which is the world’s first USB ribbon microphone. Design in a figure 8 pattern, it perfectly eliminates any unwanted noise, capturing exactly what you need it to in the process. Its smooth frequency response makes it idea for a recording studio setting, offering optimised pure sound. The silver and gold finish adds a professional touch that can’t be rivalled.


While a shockmount is not an essential accessory for your microphone, it does help reduce the intensity of unwanted low-frequency vibrations that can pass through the microphone stand and into the microphone while you are recording. This may include foot tapping, walking and more. MXL feature a range of different shockmounts that are compatible with all their various microphones, so you can eliminate that unwanted sound and ensure premium quality with each recording.