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Mens Swimwear

Finding attractive designs of mens clothing can boost a mans confidence and help him express his unique fashion style. In particular, there are many types of mens swimwear available on the market, and making a good selection can be challenging. Sporty designs featuring versatile materials and popular colours are in demand with many men who love to swim indoors and outdoors.


At beaches, lakes and swimming pools around the world, its common to see men wearing a variety of different types of swimwear. Trunks and skin-tight jammers that nearly reach the knee are great choices for men who want more body coverage, while gents who enjoy showing more skin may opt for square-cut shorts or swim briefs that end at the mid-upper thigh. Fuller-body swimwear styles include close-fitting drysuits and wetsuits, and surfers may enjoy wearing loose-fitting rash guards when they hit the waves.


Many styles of mens swimwear feature polyester material because the fabric feels comfortable on a swimmers skin. Some polyester trunks also provide UV protection, which is excellent when swimming on sunny days, and the material is chlorine-resistant. Polybutylene terephthalate fabric repels water and stretches well, and swimwear manufacturers often add it to polyester. For men who want swimwear that is abrasion-resistant and feels soft, nylon fabrics can be a great choice.


No matter what body type a man has, he should always remember to choose swimwear with fit in mind. Styles that feel tight in the thigh area can restrict swimming, and mens trunks that are not tight enough in the waist may fall down during strenuous laps or when diving. Wetsuits feature a close fit to provide insulation and heat for many triathlon competitors so that they can swim for long periods in chilly waters.


Some swimmers favour dark neutral hues, such as navy blue, black and dark green, because they typically camouflage a mans form beneath the garments. For men who enjoy the look of bright colours, swimwear in Hawaiian prints can be fun options. Swimming trunks and shorts that feature stripes are often must-have selections for men who like their swimwear to include more than one colour.