Men's Tie Pins & Bars

Men's Tie Pin Bars

Men's tie pin bars are both functional and beautiful bits of men's jewellery and they rightfully have a place in any true gentleman's wardrobe. Among tie clips, this type is the most popular option as it is very easy to use. The bar contains two bars and a spring mechanism that attaches them together. Clasp the bar to your tie and attach to your shirt's front placket for an elegant and classic look. However, it is not only pretty, but functional, too, as the tie does not move when leaning forward.


An array of materials are available, allowing you to choose rose gold, white gold, silver, or yellow gold tie pins and bars for men. Various platings, such as rhodium, gold, and silver plating, are also available. Other metal models, including titanium, aluminium, alloy, and stainless steel tie pins and bars for men are additional selections you can make.

How to Wear Them

The perfect spot for the tie pin bar is around the middle and bottom parts of the sternum. If you place it too high or too low, it becomes ineffectual and breaks your elegant look. Within the prescribed area, place the bar higher for a slimming effect, or lower for a classic outcome. Choose a tie bar according to your jacket button, belt buckle, watch, or cufflink metal and try to match it.

Occasions for Wearing

A tie pin bar is a piece of men's jewellery every gentleman should have. You can have one good quality tie pin to highlight your attire or an entire collection, so you can pick one for each occasion. A tie pin makes you look more elegant wherever you go. Use it to make a great first impression at a job interview, to wow your date, excel at a business meeting, or surprise your wife on her birthday or your wedding anniversary. Every time you wear a tie, you can also get out one of your precious tie pin bars.

Pick the Size

The wrong tie bar can break the look you carefully chose. The width of the bar depends on the width of the tie. Ideally, the bar should be about a half or three quarters of the tie's width. Longer tie bars look too obtrusive and out of place.