Microsoft Xbox 360 Game Consoles

Microsoft Xbox 360 Game Consoles

Many still consider the Microsoft Xbox 360 a go-to gaming console for one of the best gaming experiences. Even with the release of the Xbox One, a majority of players still prefer the usability and functionality of the 360.


With thousands of games to choose from, the Xbox 360 has a title for everyone to play. It also has Internet Explorer so you can browse for all the latest tips, tricks, and codes. You can even sign up to the Games for Gold service from Microsoft that gives you lifetime access to new games every month, and once downloaded, you get to keep them forever. When you’re not gaming, access applications like Spotify for music and Netflix for movies, or use your console as a DVD player.

Multiplayer gaming

Although you need an Internet connection and an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access multiplayer gaming online, you can connect up to four battery-operated controllers right in your sitting room, allowing you can play with all your family and friends. Plug microphones and headsets into your controllers for stereo sound and remote chat during games, which is perfect for coordinating your team.


Original releases of the Xbox 360 gaming consoles featured 4 GB of storage, but subsequent releases saw Microsoft Xbox 360 250 GB video game consoles and Microsoft Xbox 360 500 GB video game consoles. To fully take advantage of Microsoft Xbox 360's downloading capabilities, you need one these higher storage devices. Some earlier 4 GB editions allowed you to increase storage by inserting a removable hard drive, while other let you use a USB flash drive to store save-game data.


Standard Xbox 360s were black, but white consoles came later. While standard-sized units are available, slimline options feature smaller footprints for easier storage. You can store these gaming consoles on their sides, increasing their versatility. For true gaming fans, there’s a whole range of special edition consoles, including Star Wars and Call of Duty, which have customised cases and controllers.