Mobile Phone Car Speakerphones

Mobile Phone Car Speakerphones

Ever since the invention of Bluetooth technology in 1994, it has become a ubiquitous feature in many mobile phones so much so that many people use it in their day-to-day routines. One good example of a product that uses Bluetooth to its advantage is the mobile phone car speakerphone. These devices have integrated speakers designed to be used for hands-free calls. They connect via Bluetooth to your mobile and can accept, decline and make calls. Some designs can even play music.

What types of car speakerphones are available?

Car visor speakers are conveniently designed to clip on to your front seat visor. They typically have clipping systems that grip tightly onto the visor to keep it secure, while their microphones are oriented toward you for better reception and sound quality. Dock speakers may be placed on the dashboard, making it easy to access the controls on your phone while amplifying the sound output with a large speaker driver. Moreover, Bluetooth speakers are portable devices that have integrated hands-free call features and can double as an entertainment device when you take them out of the car. Finally, steering wheel speaker kits have cylindrical grips that fasten onto the steering wheel. They have integrated buttons to actively control your mobile phone and have speakers for music playback and call functions as well.

What features do car speakerphones have?

When your phone or speaker battery is low, you may not have enough juice to get you through the day if you continue to use a wireless Bluetooth connection. That said, many designs incorporate a 3.5mm headphone jack to maintain a connection between your phone and the speaker in cases like these. Additionally, car speakerphones may be powered through the car's lighter port via an adapter so you are saved from the trouble of constantly having to replace batteries. Others have interior batteries that may be recharged through the aforementioned adapter.

What accessories would go well with a car speakerphone?

Along with your car speakerphone, a phone holder is also essential for both safety and convenience when driving. It allows you to see navigation instructions and notifications without having to take your eyes off the road. A wireless charging mat can also be beneficial so that your phone is ready at a moment's notice when you have to make an important call.