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Battery life is a seemingly perpetual issue for anyone who owns a smartphone, tablet, fitness watch and other such gadgets. There's nothing worse than glancing at your smartproduct and seeing that you have less than 5% of your battery charge left, and it usually happens at the worst time.

Needless to say, carrying around the individual charger that comes with each device in your bag or backpack can make things pretty messy. You'll also need to find a power outlet to supply all your different gadgets. Save yourself the trouble and charge all your devices on the one charging station.

Benefits of a charging station dock

On any given day, we have multiple devices to charge. Instead of gobbling up outlets for each individual charger, you can charge all your devices with just a single plug. More energy efficient while cutting down on the clutter, and reducing your outlet requirements to just the one single outlet, a charging station dock is an elegant solution. Charging stations are also more portable than ever and take up less room.

What to look for in a charging station

Look for a number of ports so you have room to expand. While you might only have a smartphone, tablet and smartwatch now, in as little as a year, there might be another product on the market that you will need. It's a good idea to buy a charging dock with more ports than you require.

You should also look for ports that offer specialty circuits like “fast charge” technology. Finally, decide if you want a wall charger, a corded hub, or an organizer – this will be dependent on your personal preference and where you will mostly be using it.

Get the most out of your smart products when you shop online on eBay for all your tech needs, including charging stations, mobile phone cables, charging mats for mobile phones and other great accessories. Don't suffer from ‘low battery anxiety' any longer – plug multiple devices into your docking station to charge your devices simultaneously, and you'll never be without technology again!