Mobile Phone Selfie Sticks

Take Great Photos Using Mobile Phone Selfie Sticks

A selfie stick is a device that makes it relatively convenient and easy for you to get your phone's camera into positions you couldn't otherwise reach. You'll find a great selection of affordable phone sticks for use with your mobile. Exploring some of the options you have for these selfie sticks and the features they might use will help you find the model that works with your mobile or that matches your preferences.

Common features of phone stick products

Each phone stick you find on eBay is able to access and to use the camera on a mobile. However, some models may have additional features that make using them easier for you. Some of the features you may come across during your search are:

  • Lightweight material: Holding your mobile at the end of a phone stick can be tiresome if you need to do it for a long time. You can choose a selfie stick that uses lightweight materials to make that job easier.
  • Telescoping option: The telescoping arm on many selfie sticks allows you to change the height or distance at which you take panoramic shots.
  • Rotating angle: The clip on the end of a selfie stick usually rotates as needed to give you ways to take photos from multiple angles.
How do you choose a selfie stick?

Although you can find a universal selfie stick for all mobile phones in some cases, you may want to look for one that matches the make or model of your current mobile to ensure compatibility. In addition, you can choose how the stick grips your mobile or accesses the camera. Clips or suction cups for the telescoping arm are both common options.

Getting used phone sticks for sale

You can check out both brand-new and pre-owned selfie sticks on eBay. If you can't find a specific model that you want to use with your mobile when you're browsing through the new section, you should take a look at the used selfie sticks that you can purchase. Buying a used selfie stick from eBay can be an easy way to get the model or design you want at a price that is affordable. In many cases, looking at used phone sticks on eBay can give you some information about how certain models might perform in the field. If you need to pick up several selfie sticks for a few phones, getting a whole set used can be an inexpensive option.