Mobile Phone Straps & Charms

Mobile Phone Straps and Charms

Mobile phone straps and charms make it easy to make your phone your own. They are available in a wide range of designs, often as combinations.


Mobile phone straps aren’t just there for decoration, they also have a very practical purpose. If you always have your phone in your hand, a wrist strap is the perfect way to catch it if you drop it. Typically, mobile phone wrist straps are compatible with a wide range of phone designs. Because they are so universal, some straps can also be used with other devices like cameras. Many also feature a lock that allows you to set the size of the wrist loop, making it less likely to slide off. Phone straps come in a wide range of materials and designs, from plain black paracord to brightly-coloured braids.

Mobile Phone Charms

Mobile phone charms have been around for almost as long as mobile phones. They typically clip on to a mobile phone in the same way as a strap. While they don’t have the same protective function as a strap, they are the perfect way to add some personality to what can otherwise be a quite plain device. Mobile phone charms come in a huge range of styles, varying from tiny little sculpted charms to big, plush, stress-relieving squishables. Many of these are licensed and based on popular films and cartoon characters.

Straps With Charms

You don’t necessarily have to choose between protecting your phone with a strap and personalising it with a charm. Some combination designs include both a wrist strap and an attached charm. This allows you to keep your phone safe by attaching it to your wrist while also enjoying a huge range of fun designs.

Other Accessories

Mobile phone straps and charms are often available as parts of mobile phone accessory bundles. There are many types of mobile phone accessories to choose from in order to personalise and protect your smartphone. These include protective cases and screen protectors as well as skins, covers and stickers for making it unique.