Motion LED Lights

Keep Your Home Safe With Motion LED Lights

Motion LED lights are only designed to come on when movement is detected. This means that if someone walks close to the sensor, the light will come on. Ultimately, this is great for the security of your home because the sensor will detect an intruder and, hopefully, the light coming on will scare them away.

Another benefit of a motion sensor light is that you don’t have to leave the light on when you go out for the evening because when you come home, the light will automatically turn on for you. This saves on power as a lot of motion sensor LED lights are solar powered just like other solar outdoor lighting.

How do motion sensor LED lights work?

Inside the motion sensor is an electronic eye that can detect infrared or heat waves. These heat waves are created when a person or an animal moves within the range of the sensor. When the sensor detects any type of movement, it automatically switches the light on.

How do you choose the right motion sensor LED light?

When selecting a motion LED light, there are a number of features that you want to consider.

  • The direction of the light and whether you have a light with just one head or multiple heads that are adjustable.
  • The illumination angle of the light. Some lights are able to illuminate an area of 360 degrees under the light.
  • How much distance the light will cover i.e., how many meters will be illuminated. Also consider the distance of the motion sensor.
  • If the light is solar-powered, does it have a battery back-up? This is important if you experience many days without adequate sunlight, especially in winter.
  • How easy the light is to install. Some lights just need to be attached with a bracket while electrically powered lights will need to be hard-wired in by a qualified electrician.

These are just some of the things to consider when installing security and floodlights around the outside of your home.