Motorcycle Luggage

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Make sure youve got everything you need with motorcycle luggage

Motorbikes are perfect for zipping in and out of traffic jams on your day to day commute or long drives, but it can sometimes be a struggle to take anything with you. Whether youre packing for a trip or just need to take your lunch into the office, investing in some motorcycle luggage will do the trick.

Choosing the perfect motorcycle luggage

The correct choice of motorcycle luggage will depend on the type of bike that you have and how much you need to carry with you. To increase your storage capacity, motorcycle luggage racks can be added to the back of your bike. These larger units offer the most storage, letting you take everything you need with you on the go.

Far better than just a simple bag, luggage found on motorcycles is sturdy and resilient materials, starting in leather and ranging to tough plastics and durable carbon fibre. Bags will usually sit on the back of the bike and will often be rounded, but can also be larger and rectangular.

Saddlebags are popular storage options and hang either side of the saddle. These usually come in twos, one for either side so that your motorcycle remains balanced. These bags can vary in size and material, though leather is a popular choice that is practical and looks great.

Tank bags are larger and can hold more. These are great if youre going on a long trip with just your bike. These can be made from various durable fabrics or leather and will almost always be waterproof.


There are many great accessories to improve your motorcycle luggage, such as luggage netting. These wrap around a top box to keep it more secure or use them to hold your helmet when stopped. These go well with a sports bike as they arent bulky enough to weigh you down and they dont stand out. Motorcycle backpacks are a versatile option that are specifically designed to be worn whilst riding and can carry your everyday work essentials with ease.