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Motorcycle masks for winter warmth

As a biker, you'll start to feel the cold bite against your nose as you ride your motorcycle. Sporting a bright red nose under your helmet is not a good look.

You don't have to ruin the whole motorcycle experience by wearing a full face helmet. You can still experience those wind in your face moments by wearing a windproof motorcycle face mask instead.

Motorcycle face masks are an alternative to the old-school balaclava or bandana, but most of today's face masks are made from neoprene. A neoprene face mask fits as snugly around your face helping to keep you warm. Neoprene can also be printed in a range of colours and styles to suit your motorcycle helmet. Bikers can choose everything from subtle black half masks to full face skull masks.

Full face masks

Full face masks are the most versatile masks. You can wear them as a facemask, in a traditional balaclava fashion, or recreate the Easy Rider look and fold it into a bandana. Full face masks are available in a range of exciting colours and patterns, from the ever-popular skull mask, to tiger, and even clown styles. Full face masks provide high levels of protection while riding your motorcycle, helping to keep your ears warm while protecting your face from the wind, insects and dust.

Half face masks

Half face masks are great for both summer and winter. They help protect your nose, mouth and neck from insects and dust while leaving your eyes and forehead exposed to the elements. They are available in a range of colours and styles including country flags, skull and tribal motifs. Half face masks are also popular with skateboarders due to the eclectic range of designs available.

With goggles

Modular face masks with detachable goggles provide the most protection and are popular with riders in the outback due to their advanced dustproof design. These masks contain a mouthpiece filter which helps to keep out dust and sand during riding. This type of facemask is also popular with snowboarders and paintballers due to the advanced protection they provide.

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