Motorcycle & Scooter Engine Oil Coolers & Lines

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Motorcycle Oil Coolers

Many motorcycle fans who enjoy riding their motorbikes on sunny and hot days appreciate the chance to have fun outdoors. Unfortunately, higher temperatures and long-distance trips can make motorcycle oil overheat, which sometimes causes fuel to break down and negatively impact motorcycle performance. Installing motorbike oil coolers effectively reduces oil temperatures, and some units are available as kits with numerous accessories and tools that aid installation or use.


To handle the bumps and high speeds of motorbike travel, motorcycle oil coolers should have sturdy designs. Solid frames and heavy fins and mounting brackets better withstand jolts that occur when riders drive over pitted road surfaces and potholes. Units with smaller bodies may be ideal when considering placement issues because motorcyclists can mount them with a reduced risk that the oil coolers' bodies may interfere with other components of the riders' bikes.

Heat Transfer Components

Motorbike oil coolers that have larger surface areas can be more effective at transferring heat. Some motorcyclists prefer selecting oil coolers that include fans that cut down on heat by increasing airflow. Waterproof fans may be valuable for individuals who live in areas that frequently experience significant rainfall.


Some styles of motorcycle oil coolers work in conjunction with motorcycle engine cooling parts to help keep oil temperatures lower, thereby preventing oil from deteriorating. When an individual installs an oil cooler on a motorbike, it is a good idea to also choose a thermostat that does not open at any temperature below 82 degrees Celsius. Oil should be at least this temperature for a motorcycle's fuel system to properly discard oil waste contaminants.

Kit Features

With the wide range of motorcycle oil coolers available, some models offer user-friendly features that enhance the cooling process for motorbikes that have oil often reaching excessive temperatures. Kits may include several components, such as anti-rotation brackets, motorcycle engine cooling pipes and hoses or adapters. Additional products may include LED lights, oil adapters, thermal switches with wire. mounting brackets, wiring harnesses or steel braided oil lines.