Motorcycle & Scooter Exhaust System Kits

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Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

The type of exhaust system that a motorcycle uses can play a big role in how efficiently it performs, especially when put under pressure of the rider and an aggressive riding style. When the performance or riding enjoyment start to fade, this may be a sign that a motorcycle exhaust system replacement repair job may be in order. If it is time to replace motorcycle exhaust parts, riders may want to take this opportunity to upgrade the existing system with a style that offers better overall performance and handling.

2-Into-1 Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

The 2-into-1 motorcycle exhaust systems are a style that many riders prefer because they help to boost performance and offer a smoother ride than some other styles. Because it is lightweight, it does not make the bike heavier, which can affect cornering. The reason this type of exhaust is able to improve performance is largely due to the splitting of the air outtake from the cylinder head, which may result in a bike that has a noisy exhaust, but also more power. There are many OEM and aftermarket motorcycle silencers, mufflers and baffles available that can help reduce noise levels.

4-Into-1 Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

For many motorcycle riders, the beauty of a 4-in-1 motorcycle exhaust system is how easy it is to tune-up and repair. They have a design that is intended to increase performance during leaning motions because no part of the exhaust is able to touch the ground. Additionally, 4-into-1 motorcycle exhaust systems help to decrease the weight of the complete system for better overall handling.

Dual Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

True dual motorcycle exhaust systems are often a keen choice for large bikes that have the ability to handle the added weight of dual exhaust pipes. When added to two-cylinder motorcycle engines, this type of system helps to increase the overall performance of the bike. Using it is beneficial because the gases expended from the dual pipes are not able to travel to a single pipe, which can, in turn, lead to shockwaves in the cylinder that can bog down a motorcycle.

Straight Pipe Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

One of the most common types of exhaust systems available is the straight pipe. There is a large variety of straight motorcycle exhaust pipes on the market that can make them attractive choices for enhancing the overall aesthetics of the bike. Some straight pipe exhaust systems may include a baffle or muffler, which helps to silence noise without reducing backpressure. Over time, reduced back pressure can lead to possible engine failure and decreased overall bike performance.