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Muk Hair Straighteners

Established in Melbourne in 2006, muk is an Australian brand best known for their hair straighteners and curling iron products. The company originally aimed to create straightening and curling irons with an edgy feel that stood out from the competition without resorting to jargon.

Muk's Range of Hair Straighteners

There are three muk ceramic hair straighteners and irons currently on the market. The muk Style Stick comes in black or white with temperatures that adjust between 80°C and 210°C. Created with tourmaline floating ceramic plates, the muk Style Stick includes a 3-metre electrical cord and features rapid heat-up technology. The muk Style Stick 230-IR is the next step up from the muk Style Stick. Featuring a strip of infrared lights within the ceramic plates, this muk hair straightener claims to straighten hair in a single pass of the straightener while simultaneously protecting the hair from heat damage. The final product in the muk hair straighteners product line is the muk Style Stick 230-IR Wide Plate, which is the same as the muk Style Stick 230-IR but with wider ceramic plates to cater for coarser or thicker hair.

The Popularity of Hair Straighteners

Hair straightening has been in fashion since the 1960’s, but it is only in recent years that hair straightening products have become easy to use, quick and less damaging to hair. For people with frizzy or unwanted curly hair, it used to be that the only way to tame their hair was to visit a hair salon. Recent advances in technology, including the introduction of muk hair straighteners, has made it easier for people to style their hair at home and achieve the smooth, silky straight hair that previously could only be obtained from a hairdresser.

Fast Heating Hair Straighteners

When it comes to choosing the right hair straightener, many people look for a straightener that can heat up quickly. Not only does a fast-heating product mean that it is ready to use shortly after plugging it in, it also means that the ceramic pads return to their regular temperature quickly after the inevitable cooling-down that occurs during the straightening process. All three products in the muk hair straighteners range feature fast heating technology.