NAD Audio Amplifiers


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NAD Audio Amplifiers

NAD audio electronics have been trusted by many an audiophile and musician for many years. More specifically, a NAD audio amplifier could be just the thing you need to upgrade your audio experience. Digital preamps and power amps, whether for home or the studio, provide exceptional sound quality that any audiophile can truly appreciate. NAD makes many different types and sizes of amplifier so you have a nice range to consider to fit your personal needs.


NAD amplifiers come packed with helpful features everyone can utilise and enjoy. Continuous power supplies ensure the music keeps playing without any trouble at all, while remote controls make it easy to control the unit from anywhere in the room. Moreover, relay input switches allow for simple and quick switching between inputs and outputs. Integrated preamps take the weaker signals and pump up the electricity with ease.


High-end technology calls for high-end construction, and NAD audio amplifiers deliver. Gold-plated sockets ensure a solid connection between cords and the unit so you can be sure you are hearing top quality audio. This may not be as important to the casual listener, but musicians and music lovers can surely appreciate the difference. Lead-free construction provides peace of mind for your health and the environment. The compact designs make it easy for you to store your amp anywhere in a room or studio without having to deal with a large, bulky piece of audio equipment taking up too much space.


Good audio amplifiers incorporate the latest technology, and the NAD amplifiers have plenty inside. Connect your MP3 player or smartphone to nearly any NAD audio amplifier with a simple front facing mounting point. Line-in ports allow owners to connect other audio electronics like cassette or CD player for added functionality. Technological advances even improve the sound, with distortion cancellation and noise reduction capabilities.