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Canberra Raiders player spotlight: Jack Wighton 

As the 2022 season begins, there are many questions about players, teams, and most importantly—who’s leaving. As excitement builds, so may worries that favourite players may not make it to the next season. One recent rumour puts rugby league legend Jack Wighton next on his way out from the Raiders. But are the rumours true?

From a legendary 2019 season to a tragic 2021 setback

Some teams just can’t handle the spotlight—and that seems the case following the Raiders 2020 season. In fact, the team had a total of 11 recorded injuries from the season, making them the team with the most injuries that year. 

Injuries had Canberra Raiders players Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, John Bateman, Curtis Scott, Michael Oldfield, Emre Guler, Corey Horsburgh, Sebastian Kris, Andre Niko, Andre Niko, Andre Niko, and Sia Soliola off the field, with five of those resulting in full-season leaves. This left a team fighting to still come out on top. Despite the odds against them, the Raiders showed strength in the face of adversity.

As we enter 2022 with fresh signings and losses, the Raiders are headed towards an unpredictable season. It’s no wonder team members, like Jack Wighton, are unsure about their futures on the team. 

The market is wide open

Despite being on contract until 2024, Wighton’s deal allows him to negotiate with other teams as of Novemeber 1st—meaning the 28-year-old could very well leave the Raiders in the coming seasons. It’s rumoured that his name is already on some rival clubs lists. Obviously, this is a great opportunity for Wighton to test his game on the open market, however, after such a turbulent season it would definitely be a loss for the Raiders. 

The next few months will be telling for Jack Wighton. If you’ll miss him on the Raiders, make sure to add him to your NRL trading card collection while he’s still wearing green.