Natural look Shampoos

Natural Look Shampoos

Natural Look shampoos are part of the Australian born company’s complete hair care collection, which also includes Natural Look conditioners and styling products. All of Natural Look’s shampoos and hair care products are produced, packaged and distributed in Australia for use in professional salons and at home.


Natural Look shampoos are a safe choice for the conscientious shopper as the company do not test any of their products on animals during any stage of the production process. All the products in their range qualify to carry the Cruelty-Free certification as Natural Look believes that no creature should have to suffer for us to enjoy beautiful hair. Natural Look shampoos are also kind to the environment, with packaging that is 100 per cent recyclable and ingredients that do not harm or deplete the environment in their production.

No Harmful Chemicals

Shampoos by Natural Look are made using natural and organic ingredients. They are free from harmful chemicals and safe for all the family to use. Natural Look even offers a natural head-lice prevention shampoo, which unlike other mainstream treatments is based exclusively on plant extracts.This Anti-Lice Pyrethrum Shampoo is made using oils taken from the chrysanthemum family of flowers and acts as a natural insect repellent while being completely harmless to humans.

Ingredient Transparency

It is refreshingly easy to know what you are buying when you choose a Natural Look shampoo. The company offer a complete list of ingredients on their website, complete with an explanation of where that ingredient comes from and what it is used for. So you can be safe in the knowledge that there are no harmful substances disguised with obscure chemical names in your shampoo.

Products for All Hair Types

Natural Look offers shampoos and conditioners to suit all hair types and style-goals. Whether you are looking to tame frizz, gain volume or simply nourish your hair, there will be a set of products in their collection that suits you. Natural Look Colourance shampoos take custom hair care to all new levels, with eight different colour-refreshing shades available. These shampoos are designed to revitalise your hair colour and extend the amount of time you can go between colour treatments.