Office Chairs

Sitting pretty in office chairs

When you think about the amount of time you spend sitting at your desk, hard at work, you realise just how important it is to have the right seat to support you. Comfortable, reliable, sturdy and stylish are all features to consider when picking the right office chair. You'll be sitting in it for a long time, so it's important that it works with you and not against you. It should help your posture and not cause any cramping or discomfort or most importantly, expensive massage or physio bills. The right chair will help you get the most out of your workday.

Chair styles

There are a wide range of different styles of office chairs available on eBay, which should make it easy to find a chair that suits your needs.

Firstly, consider how you will use the chair. The position you'll sit in in the office will not be a relaxed position but a working one, generally upright and locked with full back contact, so you will need great lumbar support.

Fit to size

Most office chairs will offer a selection of adjustable parameters, allowing you to set up the chair to suit your size and shape. Common things can be adjusted to suit, including the height, the angle of the backrest, the length of the seat pad and the height of the armrests, all of which should make it easy for you to sit comfortably at your desk.

Back support

Office chairs are available with a choice of different height backs, allowing you to choose a chair that offers the level of lumbar support that you require. Some also come with extra features like neck supports and footrests, which provide additional support and comfort while you're sitting for extended periods.

Chair design and fabric

The office chair should complement the office décor. There are a variety of designs available in a host of colours. Many modern office chairs are produced with fabric mesh backs. Mesh backs can offer the same level of support as a regular office chair, but the breathable mesh fabric can help to keep you cool. This is very beneficial during the warmer months. Mesh chairs come in a variety of colours all of which are designed to be extremely comfortable and long-lasting.

Leather office chairs can add a touch of executive style to your home office and there are also faux leather chairs available. These chairs are easy to clean with general household products. Leather is a great hard wearing material that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Fabric covered chairs are available in a selection of different colours, enabling you to choose a seat which reflects your style and fits in with your décor.

For the height of luxury in the home office, Artiss offers massage chairs with heat sensor pads. Many are also recliners.

On the move

Office chairs usually have wheels on their base which often comprises a metal spoke design. The wheels make it easy to move around your office and enables you to get into a comfortable working position.

There are a wide range of office chairs available to suit everyone on eBay. Whether you are looking for something big and extremely comfortable or small and compact you won't have to search for long to find the perfect chair for your home office.