Oroton Bags & Handbags for Women


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The luxury Australian brand Oroton is renowned for its high-quality leather handbags and accessories for women. As well as the most recognisable bag model, the Hobo, you'll find every style of Oroton bag, from shoulder bags, leather totes and shoppers to wallets, crossbody and clutch bags, to suit every occasion and outfit. Other iconic models to put on the radar include the Maison, the Mini and the Forte.

Oroton totes and shoppers

With plenty of room for a shopping trip or a weekend away, Oroton tote bags are both fashionable and practical. In leather or fabric, and in different textures and colours, the tote is a stylish way to carry the essentials wherever you go. Sturdy and chic, the leather Maison tote is a popular bag for women, and it also comes in a medium and mini tote version.

Oroton clutches and wallets

With just enough storage for your essentials, an Oroton clutch bag or pouch is small in size but big in style. Crafted in leather or fabric, some have detachable straps for when you want to go hands-free. Popular clutch bags to seek out include the Melanie and the slim Forte.

Oroton Hobo bags

A firm favourite, the Oroton Hobo bag is not only real shoulder candy, but it's practical too. It comes in medium and mini and is instantly recognisable by its bucket shape and drawstring fastening. It's available in all kinds of leather and textures as well as a huge range of colours, making it a perfect bag for everyday use.

Oroton backpacks

The bag of choice for the urban explorer, the Avalon backpack is sleek, stylish and comfortable. The Avalon Mini is the smaller version, but it's just as fashionable and practical.