Ortofon, a long-established Danish producer of high-end audio equipment

Ortofon, the mechanical powerhouse established in Denmark in 1918, develop, manufacture, and market cartridges and high-end audio components. You can find quality Ortofon turntable parts and DJ and MC equipment, alongside a wide selection of Ortofon cartridges and replacement styluses here on eBay. Look no further for your DJ and Hi-Fi needs.

Ortofon vinyl turntables and accessories

While wanting to produce the very best sound, it is also imperative that great care is taken of the vinyl records. A turntable similar to the Ortofon Pro-Ject Xperience SB is a sure way to give your vinyl the attention it needs.

Combined with accessories like Ortofon turntable headshells for ease of stylus swapping, and together with the Ortofon High-Performance slipmats, you can guarantee durability, and they will not scuff or damage vinyl. The Q-Bert Starship Frosted Butter Rug is designed by Thud Rumble and is a limited edition that will not be reprinted.

Ortofon cartridges and replacement styluses

The Ortofon Concorde Elektro cartridge is an ideal choice for any professional sound set. Featuring a reinforced rubber suspension, the Elektro is the perfect hybrid needle for the artist who both mixes and scratches. The Ortofon OM Scratch cartridge in limited edition white is easy to see in any environment and is made for heavy-duty scratching and back-cueing, offering you everything you need for a seamless set.

Discover the Ortofon Nightclub Mkll stylus with its integrated phonograph preamps that help filter out unwanted noise before the signals reach your interface. New generation cartridges are now also widely available, such as the Ortofon MC Quintet Blue moving coil cartridge that features a nude elliptical diamond mounted on an aluminium cantilever. The Quintet Blue will bring more space, depth, and detail into the sound and is an excellent choice for any kind of music, especially more rhythmic tracks