Other Industrial Fencing Equipment

Stay secure with industrial fencing

Fencing is an important security feature for a variety of industries. Industrial fencing provides a strong and weather resistant barrier for a range of uses including property and land protection. You'll find a selection of fencing types to suit your needs such as traditional barbed wire and electric wire fencing plus a variety of components for repairs or upgrades to existing fencing structures.

Solar powered fencing

If you are looking for extensive electric fencing to keep livestock contained or protect your land and property from unwanted guests, choosing a solar-powered fencing is an ideal option. This energy efficient solution is ideal for remote locations that have little or no access to conventional power and saves the need to use batteries. This type of fencing offers an effective method of protection and can still work during sunless days.

Barbed wire

A traditional barbed wire fence is still an effective way to help keep livestock secure and intruders out. There is a wide selection of fencing components to help you install a barbed wire system including packs of rolled barbed wire dependent on the size required, tools such as strainers, snap locks and cutters plus durable posts that offer weather-resistant support for the fencing.

If you're looking for barbed options to place at the top of a high fence, there is also a range of coiled security fence wire which can be wound around the top for extra security.

Components for industrial fencing

There is a huge range of components available to suit a variety of industrial fencing types. These essential items are ideal for replacing or upgrading your fencing options and offer an affordable way to maintain home and business security systems. You'll find a variety of components including solar fence energisers, poly wire and pinlock insulators plus tools and industrial equipment to help fit fencing such as twisting tools, tensioners and voltage testers.